HIV/AIDS Educational Resources

HIV Screening: the Standard of Care

  • Free materials for patients and providers about universal screening for HIV among 13-64 yrs.

Prevention is Care

  • Free materials for patients and providers about living with HIV without transmitting to others.

PrEP Facts

  • Useful information for patients and providers about the new HIV prevention pill Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). 


  • The ultimate guide to HIV care devoted to treatment, prevention, and community news.

HIV Among Women

Women and HIV/AIDS in the US

  • These fact sheets provide information on how HIV/AIDS affects women living in the US today.

Stigma & Discrimination

  • Stigma and discrimination continue to undermine prevention, treatment and care of people living with the HIV and AIDS. 

Research highlights 2014 AIDS Conference

  • A summary of major findings presented at the AIDS 2014 conference held in Melbourne, Australia, in July 2014.

JAMA 23/30 issue 2014 dedicated to HIV/AIDS

  • Free downloadable research articles related to HIV/AIDS.

Science Magazine Special Issue: HIV/AIDS in America

  • Science met with HIV-infected people, at-risk communities, researchers, caregivers, health officials, and advocates in 10 U.S. cities, traveling to the Deep South and the West and East coasts to see the varied epidemics and the local responses up close.

DC’s “Ask for the Test” Campaign

  • The next time you visit your doctor or health care provider, Ask for the Test. Regular HIV testing is an important part of your health care.

AIDS Educational Training Center – National Multicultural Center